Speaking as a proud 15 year wedding vendor veteran I wanted to share some simple yet often overlooked DO’s and DO NOT’S that will put you straight to the top of your vendor’s GOOD list.   Wedding vendors are typically in the wedding market because of their love and passion for what they do.  When you connect and have true chemistry with your vendors they will give 150% to ensure your day is flawless.  You will find yourself surrounded and supported by true professionals that will go above and beyond to see you happy.   Creating friendships with your vendors also creates a trusting and caring environment on your wedding day that will be evident in every last detail.

Do: schedule appointments and phone calls.  Scheduling calls will ensure that you and your vendor are prepared to talk details without any distractions.  Scheduling appointments will respect everyone’s valuable time.

Do Not: drop by a vendor’s business or crash a venue to take a “quick peek” or ask a “few questions”.  Setting a scheduled time allows your vendors to mentally prepare and organize themselves for your meeting.  Showing up or calling unannounced could cause important details to fall thru the cracks simply because they were not organized or prepared to discuss your event.  

Do: ask your wedding professionals how they would prefer to communicate.  Good and consistent communication is a must, but everyone communicates best in different ways.  Allowing your vendors to choose the method of communication allows the vendor the opportunity to work to their strengths.  Some vendors prefer scheduled conference calls or face to face appointments while others may enjoy answering emails on their own time.

Do Not: over communicate with multiple emails and phone calls per day.  Try to avoid reaching out every time a questions pops up.  I would suggest keeping an email draft of your questions and only sending once you feel that your thoughts have been collected.  This will help your vendors answer all of your questions in a timely manner but more importantly it will allow them to keep track of all of your correspondences more efficiently incase they need to go back and reference a conversation.

Do: get to know your vendors…… they want to get to know you!  Connecting on a personal level is the best way set yourself apart from their other clients.  Your vendors will look forward to hearing from you and will go out of their way help.   Allowing your vendors to get to know your personal style and taste will also allow them to add personal touches or unexpected surprises throughout your day.

Do Not: tell your vendors only what you think they want to hear.  They honestly want to understand and embrace your vision.  If your expectations are not clearly defined they will struggle delivering and eventually get frustrated.

Do Not: be afraid to think outside of the box and express your ideas.  Inspire and trust your team to think creatively, that is why you hired them!  Your vendors want to be challenged by trying new ideas and trends.

Do: have some fun with your vendors.  Your wedding is a celebration so planning it should be just as fun and exciting as your big day!

Looking for more tricks of the trade?  https://www.pinterest.com/poppyevents0553/wedding-tips/




Happy Planning!


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