Saying “I Do” is pretty much the most important part of your wedding day….at least it should be.

Many guests choose to skip the nuptials and attend to the reception only. However, for those guests, I truly feel like they are missing out on the best part of the day! There is nothing like seeing a blushing bride (or groom) begin their walk down the aisle to their soon to be spouse. There is nothing like watching the interaction between 2 people vowing their love for each other in a room full of people, yet feeling like they are the only two people in the room. *sigh*

If you want to have an even more powerful affect on your guests, here are a few ways to do it.

1-Music is key, no pun intended. Splurge on the strings. Hire a harpist! Choose songs that reflect your love and personalities. Ceremonies occurring in a church may restrict you on prelude, processional and recessional music selections. Regardless, turn to the professionals for advice. They can help suggest pieces to create the feeling you want for each part of the ceremony.  If you don’t have any of these restrictions….the sky is the limit! One of my favorites was watching a bridal party begin their walk down the aisle to “Fix You” by Coldplay, at the end of the song as the music starts to build, the bride started down the aisle. Not a dry eye in the crowd! Trust me….don’t skimp here!

2-Aisle Style. I don’t mean the dress. Choose a ceremony venue that is unique and screams, look at me. Some of my favorites are staircases, forests, theaters, and any gothic style church with  cathedral ceilings….drool. If the venue proves a little less than desired, dress it up. Flowers and an aisle runner go a long way, even if you just use rose petals. How about the layout? Ever seen a ceremony in the round? It’s stellar.

3-Write your own vows. This is not an easy one. It requires the B&G to do some serious emotional homework before the wedding, let alone control the nerves that can get you if you don’t like speaking in front of crowds. If you are brave enough to do it, write your vows as a poem or a story. Don’t be afraid to have fun with them, and don’t overthink them. Remember…keep it simple and heartfelt.  When it’s done right, people will be able to feel your love along with you.

4-The Officiant. Sometimes, an officiant can make or break a ceremony. I’ve seen too many who 1) Don’t take it seriously…like it’s just a job, not someone’s milestone, 2) Won’t stop talking! We know you love your voice, but get to the good parts! and 3) Don’t do their homework. Please learn to pronounce these folks’ names. On the other side, I’ve seen priests give homilies that not only relate to the couple, but to everyone in attendance. I’ve seen ministers bring down the house with their sense of humor. As a vendor, I always know things will go well when they work well with me prior to the wedding. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

5-The Send Off. The days of throwing stuff at the B&G have gone by the wayside, but only because couples have become more creative. From confetti guns to sparklers, to the ringing of bells to colored smoke bombs. Please don’t try the latter indoors, folks.  ANother one of my favorites is jumping into some sort of cool vehicle or carriage just after going down the aisle. This is such a picturesque moment. Make the most of it! has some great ideas for a great send off at your reception, too. Check it out!

Just remember, there would be no party without a wedding ceremony. Take heart with this part of your day, after all, it is all about love, right?

~Love, K.

Image Credit Katelyn James Photography


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